TriWoods Navaho Inspired Mosaic

TriWoods was conceived by SlowArtworks and produced and developed by SlowArtworks and Acontraveta. Any type of design can be made with yellow, red, black and natural colored wooden pieces.

These can be flat or tridimensional. The pieces are made of beech and american oak wood. They are manually painted with acrylic paint, made with biologic or mineral natural pigments. The oak pieces are treated with a mixture of mineral and vegetal oil. Touch and sound were take into account in the development of TriWoods.

TriWoods is available in two sizes: big (190 p.) and small (48 p.). Triwoods is a game, is decorative and is a tribute to navaho culture.

Triwoods Navaho Inspired Mosaic

TriWoods Navaho Inspired Mosaic in wooden modular pieces,
a SlowArtworks & Acontraveta project.

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